Welcome to iBSC

International Consultancy Expertise

iBSC provides consultancy services at top level for Corporate Executives as well as Small & Medium Business Management.

With an independent and realistic view we can help you save costs and find new opportunities. We support you in Outsourcing, Governance and Business Development projects and optimise your results in Marketing, Strategy, Sales Productivity and Relationship Management.

iBSC has more than 25 years of experience in an international business environment and our structured work methodology give you a clear view on your organisation and the steps to be taken for success in an increasingly complex world.

Consulting on Demand

iBSC now offers Consulting on Demand. A new way of access to Knowledge, Experience and Skills. Easy, Fast and Affordable. These services are available on subscription basis. You simply ask your question by email and you receive your answer quick and clear. It saves time, money and brings you up to speed in no time!